Monday, April 4, 2011

3-D Slide Mounting using Mounting Gauges

The following scans give you instructions on how to mount stereo slides using the mounting gauges that were available at Reel 3-D Enterprises. The content of these scans is the property of Reel 3-D Enterprises, that is, Susan Pinsky and David Starkman. The mounting gauges that were given with the instruction manual are for the 5 perf. "Realist" format (most common), the 7 perf. "European" format, and the separated 2"x2" pair format. Among other things, the instruction manual gives a good explanation of what the stereo window is.

3d slide mounting 1

3d slide mounting 2

3d slide mounting 3

3d slide mounting 4

3d slide mounting 5

3d slide mounting 6

3d slide mounting 7

3d slide mounting 8

3d slide mounting 9

3d slide mounting 10

3d slide mounting 11

3d slide mounting 1

A mounting/alignment gauge is basically a piece of transparent plastic with:
- a vertical reference line on the left side and a near and far vertical lines on the right side to adjust the parallax (horizontal alignment), and
- a bunch of horizontal lines that allow you to align the left and right views vertically.

Note that you don't have to use a mounting gauge to make your own stereo slides. Heat-seal mounts have alignment tabs that make aligning relatively easy ... if you're not to picky (see heat-seal stereo mount instructions).

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