Monday, August 25, 2014

Edge Preserving Smoothing 5 (EPS5)

If you want to smooth the disparity map you have obtained (doesn't have to come from my programs), Edge Preserving Smoothing 5 (EPS5) can do the job for you. It is edge preserving meaning that, for a given pixel, the neighboring pixels that are considered in the smoothing process are of a similar color. This kinda guarantees that smoothing doesn't go across depth discontinuities and "fatten" object boundaries.

The smoothing of the depth map is done using the same guided filter that's used in Depth Map Automatic Generator 5 (DMAG5). Instead of smoothing raw costs, we are smoothing disparities.

Here's an example:

Left image of the Tsukuba stereo pair.

Depth map in dire needs of smoothing.

Depth map smoothed by EPS5 using window radius = 12, epsilon = 4, and number of iterations = 1.

The windows executable (guaranteed to be virus free) is available for free via the 3D Software Page. Please, refer to the 'Help->About' page in the actual program for how to use it.

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