Saturday, November 15, 2014

3D Photos - Pipes

Left image.

Right image.

We are gonna use Depth Map Automatic Generator 5 (DMAG5) to generate the (left) depth map using a min disparity of -28 and a max disparity of 2. I haven't changed the (current) default settings except the number of smoothing iterations (for the disparities of occluded pixels) which I have set to 0.

Depth map.

Occlusion map.

Let's have some fun and use to generate a wiggly gif using the left image and the depth map. I highly recommend that website by the way. Because expects near objects to be black and far objects to be white, you need to invert the depth map before you load it into

Wiggle gif obtained from the left image and the (left) depth map via

Now, what we really want is to generate interpolated views between the left and right images using Frame Sequence Generator 6 (FSG6) but, for that, we need a depth map for the right image.

The following procedure to obtain the right depth map (as opposed to the left depth map) is a bit obsolete as DMAG6 now automatically generates the left and right depth maps in one shot. For FSG6 to work, you still have to color invert the right depth map so that white is near and black is far.

Here's how you get a right depth map:
1) You horizontally flip the right image (that's your new image 1 or "left" image),
2) You horizontally flip the left image (that's your new image 2 or "right" image),
3) You use your favorite depth map generator using the exact same parameters (including the min and max disparities) you used to get the left depth map, and
4) You horizontally flip the depth map you have just obtained (That's the right depth map).

Right image horizontally flipped.

Left image horizontally flipped.

Depth map obtained with DMAG5.

Depth map flipped. That's the right depth map.

Now, we are finally ready to use FSG6. Here, I am gonna generate 5 frames which I am gonna use to create a wiggle gif. It's very easy to do in The Gimp for example loading up the frames with "Open as Layers...".

Wiggle gif from frames created with FSG6.

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