Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3D Photos - Mountaineer

Here's the left view of a stereo picture you can find at FinePix REAL 3D W3 sample 3D image & movies. Getting the correct disparity for the walking stick was a bit of a challenge so it was painted red in order to stand out against the background. This is an interesting case since there are some decent half-occlusions on the left side of the mountaineer for image 1 (right side for image 2).

This is the depth map for image 1 obtained with Depth Map Automatic Generator 2 (DMAG2). As you can see, the disparity for the sky is wrong almost everywhere (should be all black) but that's not a problem since there's no texture.

This is the animated sequence (created in Gimp) that shows the intermediate synthesized frames obtained with Frame Sequence Generator 2 (FSG2).


  1. For the iPhone crowd, we've just launched a new product called "poppy" that turns an iPhone into a stereoscopic camera (for both stills and videos) and has an integrated viewer built-in.

    It's on kickstarter now. Thought you might be interested! It makes creating, viewing and sharing stereographic images simple.

    We're working on "wigglegram" support now. (that's the gif trick that you show above)


    1. cool! i didn't know "wigglegram" was the official name for it.