Saturday, January 17, 2015

3D Photos - Beer stein

Left image.

Right image.

Those are reduced size images. They are a quarter in size from the original images taken with my Fuji W3 in 2D mode on a sliding bar. The original images are 3512x2422 pixels, the reduced size images are 878x606. On the Fuji W3, I use the 3x2 aspect ratio because I usually make lenticulars that are 6x4 inches. The reason why I use reduced size images is because you really don't need to use large images to get a depth map and because depth map generators can be slow (and memory hungry). As I always say, if you need a large depth map, just reduce the size of your images, generate the reduced size depth map, and enlarge it to match the size of the original images.

Left depth map.

The depth map was generated with Depth Map Automatic Generator 5 (DMAG5) using a min disparity of -14 and a max disparity of +12.

Right depth map.

The right depth map was also generated with DMAG5 flipping the right and left images and leaving the min and max disparities unchanged.

Animated 3d gif.

The in-between views (tweeners) were obtained with Frame Sequence Generator 6 (FSG6) with both depth maps. Using both maps (left and right depth map) is the only way to get interpolated views that are accurate.

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