Thursday, June 25, 2015

Depth Finder 8 (DF8)

Depth Finder 8 (DF8) is meant to be used with Depth Map Automatic Generator 8 (DMAG8), which is an automatic depth map generator whose input is a set of non-rectified (non-aligned) images.

DF8 enables the user to fine tune the near and far plane depths needed by DMAG8. Given a pixel in the reference camera image (as determined by DMAG8) and a target camera image, DF8 draws the epipolar line on a copy of the target image. For things to be ok, the epipolar line should be near continuous and be crossing the matching pixel. If the (extended) epipolar line doesn't cross path with the matching pixel, the sparse 3d reconstruction from VisualSFM is not usable by DMAG8.

Although DMAG8 can compute the near and far plane depths of a 3d scene automatically, it is often necessary to set the near and/or far plane depth manually with DF8.

The manual for DF8 (df8_manual.pdf) is in the directory where you decompressed ugosoft3d-8-x64.rar.

The windows executable (guaranteed to be virus free) is available for free via the 3D Software Page.

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