Wednesday, November 23, 2016

3D Photos - The Bronze General

This is a stereo pair taken with a fuji w3 in the vertical position (by mediavr). Our goal is to create a decent depth map for it and then a 3d wigglegram.

This is the rectified stereo pair (rectification by er9b).

This is the depth map obtained by dmag5.

Input to dmag5:

image 1 = ../image_l.png
image 2 = ../image_r.png
min disparity for image 1 = -82
max disparity for image 1 = 72
disparity map for image 1 = depthmap_l.jpg
disparity map for image 2 = depthmap_r.jpg
occluded pixel map for image 1 = occmap_l.jpg
occluded pixel map for image 2 = occmap_r.jpg
radius = 32
alpha = 0.9
truncation (color) = 30
truncation (gradient) = 10
epsilon = 255^2*10^-4
disparity tolerance = 0
radius to smooth occlusions = 9
sigma_space = 9
sigma_color = 25.5
downsampling factor = 2

We are gonna use dmag11 to (semi-manually) improve the quality of the depth map. Note that we could have also used dmag4 or dmag9 instead of dmag11. The input to dmag11 beside the reference image (the left view in the stereo pair) is a "sparse" depth map. In our case, the sparse depth map is gonna be the depth map produced by dmag5 minus the areas where the depth is either wrong or a bit approximative (along the boundary of our general). Note that dmag4, dmag9, and dmag11 are usually used for 2d to 3d image conversion but they can certainly be used to improve depth map quality in a semi-automatic way.

This is the input to dmag11. The white areas are actually transparent pixels but they show up as white here. All I did was use the eraser tool all along the generals's boundary and in the base of the bust.

Here's another view of the input to dmag11, the famous "sparse" depth map. The transparent pixels are the result of the application of the eraser tool. Of course, it's not technically sparse but that's the designation used in dmag4, dmag9, and dmag11.

This is the output of dmag11.

Parameters used for dmag11:

reference image = ../../image_l.png
input depth map = depthmap_l.png
output depth map = depthmap_l_dmag11.jpg
radius = 12
gamma proximity = 10000
gamma color similarity = 1
maximum number iterations = 1000
scale number = 1

This is the 3d wiggle produced by wigglemaker.

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