Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Watercolorist - New York skyline

Source photograph: a photo of New York's skyline.

I am gonna run "The Cartoonist" to get an abstracted image ("abstracted_image_after_oabf2.png") as well as an edges image ("edges_image.png").

This is the abstracted image after oabf2.

The is the edges image.

I am gonna run "The Watercolorist" using that abstracted image.

Rendered watercolor.

I am now gonna load up the rendered watercolor and the edges image in gimp and use the multiplier mode to combine the 2. This will give me a look of a watercolor where all the lines were first rendered using non water-soluble ink (frequently done for architecture renderings).

Rendered watercolor multiplied by the edges image.

Now, I am gonna play with the saturation and value a bit to jazz up the whole thing.

Final product.

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