Sunday, December 20, 2015

3D Photos - Bas-relief of a guy with an axe

The stereo pair came from Photosculpt, a company that makes a software which takes a front image and a right image (off by twenty degrees) and produces a 3d texture out of it that can be used in 3d modeling (in programs like Blender).

Left image. They (Photosculpt) call it the front image.

Right image.

First, the two images need to be properly rectified. I am gonna use Epipolar Rectification 9 (ER9) to rectify the images.

Rectified left image.

Rectified right image.

I am gonna use Depth Map Automatic Generator 5b (DMAG5b) because there's not a lot of depth in the scene, and therefore not a whole lot of occlusions. DMAG5b needs a min and max disparity which you can get by carefully reading the output of the epipolar rectifier ER9. The output of ER9 gives min disparity = -12 and max disparity = 102. Those need to be multiplied by -1. So, for DMAG5b, min disparity = -102 and max disparity = 12.

Depth map generated by DMAG5b using alpha = 0.9, truncation (color) value = 7.0, truncation (gradient) value = 2.0.

Corresponding occlusion map.

As advertised, there is not a lot of occlusions, which justifies the use of DMAG5b. If the 3d scene had more depth, DMAG5b would probably not be the best choice as it would "fatten" object boundaries.

Animated gif of the corresponding 3d scene thanks to Depth Map Viewer.

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