Thursday, July 30, 2015

2D to 3D Conversion - London Calling

The Clash "London Calling" album cover. Pretty iconic, huh?

Depth map obtained with Depth Map Automatic Generator 4 (DMAG4) and a little of bit of post-processing in Gimp.

Actually, it was more than a little bit of post-processing in Gimp.

Animated gif obtained with Depth Map Viewer.

I did a lot of back and forth between Gimp and the depth map viewer. My favorite tools in Gimp are free select, gradient (blend tool), Gaussian blur, and smudge. I am sure there are other tools that are probably more appropriate for depth map painting but those are the ones I use. Dear reader, if you have a better way of doing it and want to share your technique, let me know!

Animated gif (stereo wiggle) obtained with Wiggle Maker.