Friday, July 17, 2015

Depth Map Viewer

I am proud to announce the release of Depth Map Viewer, a website where you can visualize the quality of a depth map (corresponding to a reference image) by rotating the corresponding 3d scene along the axis passing by the the center of the 3d scene and parallel to the height of the reference image. As a bonus, the animation can be saved as an animated gif. The depth map may come from anywhere as long as black means far and white means close.

I was quite inspired by Depth Player for Android Lens Blur images when making Depth Map Viewer. Can't say I use any of the source code although the revelation that three.js was used for the rendering made my job much easier.

I would like to thank whoever is responsible for jsgif because that's how Wiggle Maker creates the animated gifs. Works like a charm.

Manual is available here: Depth Map Viewer manual.

Here's the video that shows Depth Map Viewer in its full glory:

Depth Map Viewer has been fully tested on Google Chrome.

Depth Map Viewer 2 is a variant of Depth Map Viewer that outputs an animated PNG instead of an animated GIF. As you know, a GIF file only has 256 colors, which can be a problem if you are picky about colors, so it's quite an improvement to be able to get an animated PNG instead of a GIF. Absurde Photon took the code in Depth Map Viewer, modified it so that the output could be an animated PNG, and then gave the result back to me as Depth Map Viewer 2. The parameters are the same as Depth Map Viewer.

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