Friday, July 10, 2015

Wiggle Maker

I am proud to announce the release of Wiggle Maker, a website where you can make animations from an image and a depth map. The depth map may come from anywhere as long as black means far and white means close. For example, the depth map may have been generated by Depth Map Automatic Generator 7 (DMAG7) and smoothed by Edge Preserving Smoothing 7 (EPS7) from a stereo pair taken by a stereo camera.

I was quite inspired by and Of Wiggle Photography [CoffeeScript]. relies solely on the WebGL renderer (shader) to create the wiggle and therefore doesn't actually create the animation frames from scratch like fulmicoton does. Wiggle Maker uses an approach similar to fulmicoton to create the frames, in other words, there's no WebGL rendering involved (maybe in a future release). I was also impressed by Depth Data Viewer but this is more like rendering a triangular mesh, which is cool to quickly see what's wrong with the depth map.

I would like to thank whoever is responsible for jsgif because that's how Wiggle Maker creates the animated gifs. Works like a charm.

Manual is available here: Wiggle Maker manual.

Here's the video that shows Wiggle Maker in its full glory:

Wiggle Maker has been fully tested on Google Chrome.

Wiggle Maker 2 is a variant of Wiggle Maker that outputs an animated PNG instead of an animated GIF. As you know, a GIF file only has 256 colors, which can be a problem if you are picky about colors, so it's quite an improvement to be able to get an animated PNG instead of a GIF. The parameters are the same as Wiggle Maker.


  1. Congratulations !!

  2. Hi Ugo
    After creating the gif image does not work save image as (Google Chrome, Firefox)

    1. Pepe:
      I have just tried with Windows 8 and google chrome, After the animated gif is created, I am able to right click on it and "Save as" without a problem. Are you saying the gif is actually created (under the animation) but right clicking on it is disabled?

    2. When you click "Create GIF", the program will create the animated gif and display it under the animation. So, you're basically going to see 2 wiggles: one is an animation that you cannot save (it's the one at the the top) and one is the animated gif that you can save with right click (it's the one at the bottom). Maybe you are right clicking on the animation that's at the top (which is not the animated gif)?

  3. Very cool tool! It works even for large photos. Is it possible to have maximum wiggle but only side by side panning, instead of rotating?