Monday, June 20, 2016

Multi View Stereo - Vose tombstone

Set of 8 images extracted from a video taken with iphone 4s. Dimensions are 1080x1920 pixels.

We are gonna use Multi View Stereo 10 (MVS10) to reconstruct the dense 3D scene (Multi View Stereo). Before that, we ran Structure from Motion 10 (SfM10) to get the camera poses and feature matches between the views (Structure from Motion).

Input to MVS10 ("mvs10_input.txt"):

duh.nvm = name of nvm file (generated by SfM10)
100 = minimum number of matches (camera pair selection)
0.5 = minimum average separation angle (camera pair selection)
32 = window radius
0.9 = alpha
20.0 = truncation cost (color)
10.0 = truncation cost (gradient)
4 = epsilon
0 = disparity tolerance
4 = downsampling factor
1 = sampling step
0.5 = minimum separation angle (removal of low-confidence 3d points)
3 = minimum number of image points (removal of low-confidence 3d points)
2.0 = maximum reprojection error (removal of low-confidence 3d points)
1 = radius (animated gif files)

Animated gif of 3d dense reconstruction.

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