Saturday, April 20, 2013

Frame Sequence Generator (FSG)

Frame Sequence Generator (FSG) generates intermediate frames (stereo synthetic views) given a reference image (must be image 2 in Depth Map Automatic Generator) and a depth map.

This is a very simplistic frame sequence generator as it only looks at one image and one depth map to generate the frames. Because of that, image 1 should not be used when creating an animated gif or a lenticular print (only use the generated frames and image 2). If you ask for three frames and your right image (image 2) is called somethingR.png, the program will generate and write three files named somethingR1.png, somethingR2.png, and somethingR3.png. The order in which the files should be used to generate a 3D animated gif or a lenticular is somethingR.png, somethingR1.png, somethingR2.png, and somethingR3.png. In other words, it goes from right to left.

The windows executable (guaranteed to be virus free) is available for free via the 3D Software Page. Please, refer to the 'Help->About' page in the actual program for how to use it.

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