Friday, October 4, 2013

3D Photos - Dolls

Let's consider the stereo pair "Dolls" from the Middlebury 2005 Stereo datasets with ground truth:

Left image

Right image

Ground truth (that's the depth map we rally want to get automatically)

We're gonna use Depth Map Automatic Generator 3 (DMAG3) to generate a depth map using various values for the parameter lambda:

Depth map (lambda=0)

Occlusion map (lambda=0)

Depth map (lambda=10)

Occlusion map (lambda=10)

Depth map (lambda=20)

Occlusion map (lambda=20)

The larger lambda is, the smoother the depth map looks, as expected. At some point, however, the object boundaries are bound to become blurred and accuracy becomes an issue. It should be noted that "Dolls" is an easy stereo pair to deal with since you have a lot of non-repeating textures.

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